Signature Living Fellowship Gathering

Date: 10-May-2018
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A Learning Community Connection At It's Best

Values • Relationships  • LifeStyle  • Passion • Purpose

JOIN Like-Minded Phenomenal Thinkers on a Journey TOWARD Life-Changing Personal Growth, Irrefutable Professional Development, Invaluable Career Advancement, Dynamic Leadership Training, and Incredible Business Building Strategies!

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Through the Signature Living Community, I want to share with you principles, tips, tool, and strategies on how to love, live, and lead 'With Positve Influences' spiritually (spirit), mentally (mind), and physically (body) so you can STEP INTO YOUR POWER© and Achieve:

Success at home, at work, and in every other area of life. Let me show you how to release your frustrations, overwhelming feelings, constant fatigue, and burned out days and turn them into a breath of fresh air so you can spend most of your year and legacy developing your business, career, life, and others.

With heart, wisdom, unique perspectives and as a certified coach, I, as a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Mentor will share with you what I've gained and gleaned from years of experience in both as an owner and operator of one of the most rewarding business of any industry, as a community supporter, and a mom. Best of all, my insights are practical and easy to apply to everyday growing in business and life.

Whatever your position or aspiration is as a Leader, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Career Professional or a Family Member, you can increase your impact with others and gain buy-in for your vision, purpose, or goals by becoming a person of influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with your clients, staff, and others, and watch your personal, leadership and organizational success go off the charts

  • Leaders will see their clients and staff blossom
  • Entrepreneurs will see their clients, staff, and others, respond with new enthusiasm • Parents, Customers and Staff will connect with their students and children on a deeper level
  • Your Real Estate, Sales, Network Marketing team will reach more people
  • Career Professionals and Business Owners will break records in achieving high quality ratings and program scores
  • Creating Happiness with time-tested principles and breakthrough discovery
  • Living Your Dream better with an improved lifestyle
  • Making a Difference by sharing your with family, community, church, business and friends.

Join Us to Live Your Best Life!

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